Bad Company, You Can’t Deny

(With apologies to Paul Rodgers) 57M in US Still Acquiring Unlicensed Music The BBC reported on February 17 that Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” has already been pirated 500,000 times.  According to the article on The Next Web quoting those statistics, piracy is at historic lows. Respectfully, that is a popular belief, though wholly incorrect. read more »

Four Things That Happened in the Last “Year of Adele”

The “Adele Factor” — a retrospective. Just in time for the Black Friday rush, Adele has blessed us with “25,” the follow-up to her chart crushing “21” album which dropped January 2011, after the holidays. First weekend numbers indicate sales will set records, so we thought it would be interesting to travel back to 2011 read more »

It’s About Belief

When my daughter was born I bought my first Volvo. I believed it was the safest car for my family. I’ve bought many more since and today, she drives a Volvo. What does this have to do with radio or music or streaming? read more »